To wander around the resort, walking along the many trails, admiring the architecture full of character and personality, perfectly integrated with nature, is to truly understand the meaning of the concept of sustainability that everyone’s talking about.

Ponta dos Ganchos takes a great deal of care in every detail of every moment that our guests are with us. We do not content ourselves with quality facilities and excellent service, but strive to do our utmost for the environment as well. As a result, the resort received in 2011 the most rigorous and consitent certification in the areas of environmental management and sustainable development: the ISO 14.001.

It was therefore with the wellbeing of everyone who stays with us in mind that we set up an organic vegetable and herb garden, lovingly tended by Seu Nonô (Mr Nonô). We grow salad, herbs, vegetables and fruit with no pesticides or fertilizers whatsoever and they are used in every dish that we serve.

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• More than 90% of our workforce is from the local neighborhood (Governador Celso Ramos);
• We give priority to local and regional suppliers;
• The hotel has a very low demographic density – less than 8% of the grounds are built on;
• We have planted more than 10,000 seedlings and saplings as part of our commitment to reforestation and modern management of the area;
• Sewage is treated using “activated sludge” and the water it produces is used for irrigation;
• The sewage system is emptied periodically by a certified company;
• Internal transport is by electric golf carts;
• We grow our own 100% organic fruit and vegetables;
• We compost all organic waste, which is reused as organic fertilizer;
• Waste Recycling;
• Used cooking oil is donated to a licensed recycling project;
• Our WCs flush with a small volume of water;
• We use energy-saving light bulbs and LEDs wherever possible;
• We have solar heating panels;
• We have a rainwater capture system for irrigation;
• Our roofs are green;
• Our buildings are designed to take advantage of natural cross-ventilation, reducing air conditioner usage;
• We donate to charity events;
• Our offices use recycled paper;
• Our collateral material is printed on paper that is certified as not being made from wood from protected forests.

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