The menus change every day. The art of astonishing guests is our discipline. Is there anything more disturbing than a menu that never changes so we always know in advance what we can expect day after day?

The menu is a living thing at Ponta dos Ganchos. And it’s not just the variety and innovation, everything can be ordered exclusively for you, whenever and wherever you desire: on the island, on the beach, in the very special Cantinho da Veleza or even in the restaurant! The restaurant menu is created by Chef Luis Salvajoli, blending the very best local and regional products to offer a gastronomic experience with a unique personality.

It’s good for you as well! The majority of the herbs and vegetables that are used in our dishes come from our own 100% organic kitchen garden.

Why worry about the time? There are no set mealtimes so our guests can feel at ease with no obligations to meet.

Tip: for couples in love the Hotel has an unforgettable experience just for two – the Private Celebration. Reserve well in advance, because this privilege is exclusive to a single couple per day!

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